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Thursday 27 September
Dress CoolEUR, 13.00 - 21.00 hrs, room B5

Documentaries, discussions with NGO's and The Good News Show

Schone Kleren Kampagne, Goede Waar & Co, Organic Exchange Europe
Kuyichi, Made-by, Fair 21st Century Clothes, Bo Weevil, Sincero, LinkmyWorld
Prof. dr. Rob van Tulder (EUR), de Milieuridders and PodiumS

Would you like to...

  • Drink Fair trade coffee throughout campus?
  • Print double-sided on eco-friendly paper?
  • Separate your waste, for example your PET-bottles and used paper?
  • Use Renewable/Green energy used by the University?
  • Use toilets and water taps that do not leak?
  • Know the ecological footprint of the university?
  • ...
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